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meet the founder


Hi, I'm Paola, a Licensed Esthetician, certified in California.

I created a medical-grade skincare brand that cultivates healthy skin and self-love by fully engaging the senses and leveraging my proprietary skincare ritual.

In 2020, life challenged me like never before. My marriage was over, I hated the way I looked, my sanity was gone, and the pandemic forced me to close my private skincare practice.


My 7-year-old was all I had left. He saw my depression, anxiety, and rage instead of the patient, loving, and caring mother he needed.


One day I finally had enough. I realized I had to cultivate self-love if I was to show up as the mother I wanted to be.


I went back to what I knew best at that time. That was the peaceful practice of washing my face.

My twice-a-day skincare routine evolved into the Ease & Tranquility Ritual. It was built on the self-love I needed combined with my esthetician expertise.



I took my ritual a step further by creating a full line of medical-grade skincare so you can achieve a spa facial experience without a medical prescription, in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Each of my products compliments my proprietary ritual and engages your senses. 


  • Listen as you massage the cleansing oil over your face. Hear how your fingers glide with the oil as you cleanse your skin.

  • Smell the refreshing aroma of active botanical extracts mixed with enzymes, vitamins, and acids as they work together to brighten and exfoliate your skin.

  • Feel how a restorative serum and a regenerative moisturizer absorb into the lowest layers of your skin with gentle pressure.

  •  Watch how an advanced physical sunscreen blends perfectly to moisturize, protect, and give you a healthy glow without leaving any white residue on your skin or clothes.

To enhance your quality of life, experience self-love, and your healthiest skin, click shop now.

featured on live national television

 My family is from Guadalajara, Mexico, I'm fluent in Spanish, I come from humble beginnings, and a family with a dream for a better life.

Univision Communications invited me to appear on national television, share my founder story, represent my brand, feature my entire line of skincare on their shopping website, and promote SHB Cosmeceuticals across the United States and Latin America to inspire its viewers to cultivate self-love, honor their wildest dreams, and not let anything keep them from creating the life they want for themselves and their families.

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