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ease & tranquility ritual

a life giving,
life loving ritual

Self-Love is cultivated by caring for ourselves when we are in the throes. If we continue to justify not making ourselves a priority during challenging times, we will continue to feel exhausted, lost, and depressed while unintentionally passing on the pattern to future generations.


I wholeheartedly believe you can show up for yourself and follow your dreams without feeling guilty for it, while caring for your loved ones in the best way possible.


I created the Ease & Tranquility Ritual based on this principle, my expertise as an Esthetician, and the cultivation of self-love that empowered me so you can feel empowered too.


I designed the ritual to help you be intentional and aware of your tactile pressure, speed, and all the sounds and smells of your skincare routine.


It’s no secret that the physical touch element of your skincare routine triggers your brain to release endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine resulting in a reduction of stress, anxiety, depression, feelings of exhaustion, physical and emotional pain. The Ease & Tranquility Ritual also allows you to enter the present moment, check-in energetically, and raise your vibration with intention.


Oftentimes when we remember to do our skincare routine, we go through the motions without intention and our chronic stress, depression, and exhaustion remains. That old skincare pattern doesn’t serve you or those around you. Now is the perfect time to break the cycle.


To discover how to cultivate self-love and finally put an end to feeling exhausted all the time, watch the video below.

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